Nantilda of AUSTRASIE Queen of Francs

I was sent an email with a site that shows the Basilica of St. Denis, for those interested in it, the home of over 70 French Kings and Queens. Enjoy. Continue reading


First blog post

So why am I doing this ancestor a day? Yes I may miss a day here and there but I do plan on covering 365 days of ancestors, mainly women.

I love history and genealogy, I come from a long line of head strong women who made sure to leave a mark. Some never made the pages of a history book but others, lots of others have. Unfortunately, too often it was only because of who their father or husband was. That’s bullcrap. So for 2017 my goal is to bring these women out of the shadows that some have found themselves and celebrate them and the pieces of them that have trickled down to me.