Nantilda of AUSTRASIE Queen of Francs

I was sent an email with a site that shows the Basilica of St. Denis, for those interested in it, the home of over 70 French Kings and Queens. Enjoy.


Today our magical history tour will take us to what is now Germany and France to meet Nantilda, also known as Nantéchilde, Nanthechilde, Nanthildis, Nanthilde, or Nantechildis. Nantilda is an ancestress of Charlemagne and as the page asserts, me as well from my paternal grandmother’s side.  She was a Saxon who lived around 610 to 642 c.e. and the third consort of Dagobert, I , King of the Franks, he replaced his second wife, Gomatrud who bore him no children, with her. Nanthilda began life as a child of a freed slave according to some, a servant to a lady of court, but other sources say her brother was a land owner so that may not be correct. She was the mother of his second surviving son, Clovis II who succeeded him to the throne. She acted as a regent to Clovis after her husband’s death in 639 alongside Aega who was mayor of Neustrian palace. Years after her death she was reinterred in  The Basilica of St. Denis. Her death left five year old Clovis II at the mercy of the nobility who did not want a strong royalty.



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