Juetta, Judith, Berenger of Rennes Princess Brittany



Juetta, also known as Judith was born in 982 to Conan, I of Brittany (“lying in the northwest corner of France, is one of the great historic provinces of France, it is the most Atlantic of France’s regions” 1) and Ermengarde-Gerbaga of Anjou (“Anjou was practically identical with the diocese of Angers, bound on the north by Maine, on the east by Touraine, on the south by Poitou (Poitiers) and the Mauges, and the west by the countship of Nantes or the duchy of Brittany” 2). She and her brother were both married off to siblings from Normandy, she wed Richard, II Duke of Normandy in 1000 whom she had six children with. She died August 28, 1017 and was buried at the Abbey of Bernay, which she had founded in 1013.

The building of the abbey was entrusted to “Guillaume de Volpiano († 1028), reformer of the monastery of Fécamp to where he had been called in 1001. The works were completed by the first abbot, Vital de Creully (named around 1060, † 1082), to whom this achievement would merit the considerable privilege of becoming the Abbot of Westminster in 1076.” 3


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