Hathumoda 1st. Abbess of Gandersheim Abbey, Saxony

Hathumoda 1st. Abbess of Gandersheim Abbey Saxony

Why yes, I did find another saint in the family tree, this time an aunt.

Hathumoda was born in 840 and entered the abbey in 852. She died November 29, 874 in an epidemic that was going through Northern Europe, this also effected the “Great Heathen Army”.

“Hathumoda demonstrated great promise at a young age, prompting her parents to ask papal permission to establish a cloister with her as abbess at the tender age of twelve. Pope Sergius II acquiesced, and Hathumoda became a model Benedictine abbess. She insisted that the nuns be properly cloistered (even from relatives); she always ate communally, and, although she permitted it by others, she never consumed meat. In summation, Agius presents Hathumoda as a strict, yet benevolent, abbess who lived a firmly austere life.” 1

And what about that abbey that she was the first Abbess for? Gandersheim is in Lower Saxony, Germany new the current town of Bad Gandesrheim. Hathumonda’s father Duke Liudolf of Saxony founded it in 852. Two of her sisters succeeded her as Abbesses. And though Hathumoda did not write items of lasting note herself, the abbey was later home to poets such as Hrotswitha (935–c.1002) and Roswitha the Nun.



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To Which Is Added A Note on Mediaeval Gardens Author: Alice Kemp-Welch Release Date: March 31, 2010 [EBook #31843]


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