Annabella Drummond



Annabella Drummond

Annabella was born around 1350 to Sir John Drummond, of Stobhall, near Perth, 11th Thane of Lennox and Chief of Clan Drummond and Mary Montifex. At 17 she married John Stewart, who was later crowned King Robert III of Scotland (he change his name because he did not want to be associated with King John Balliol). Shortly after the marriage the couple ran into problems with his brother, Robert (yeah, I know). He backed a law that females could not inherit and for quite some time the only children Annabella and John had were girls.

In 1390 when John, now Robert III was crowned, she was crowned with him. They kept trying for a royal heir with a penis until she was past 40, by then they had David and James. However, since 1384 Robert III had been an invalid due to an accident with a horse. When he was moping and saying things like, “Here lies the worst of kings and the most miserable of men”. She was the acting ruler of Scotland. She had her eldest son knighted at a tournament in 1398 and created the titles of Duke of Rothesay and Lieutenant of the Realm.

In October of 1401 Annabella died. Without his mother’s protection David died soon after leaving James to eventually succeed his father.

At thirty-five years and seven months, they were married longer than any other Scottish royal couple.


Annabella Drummond, Queen of Scots

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