Angharad ferch Owain



Angharad ferch Owain

Angharad was born about 1065 around Tegeingl in Flintshire county, Wales. Her parents were Owain ab Edwin and Morwyl ferch Ednywain, who died when she was born or shortly thereafter. At 17 she married Gruffudd ap Cynan in the Kingdom of Gwynedd which is in northwest Wales. She got her queenly duties down and did them well for about 40 years and then was Queen Mother for their son, Owain ap Gruffudd, for another 25 years. Per her husband’s biographer, an unidentified Welsh monk, she was beautiful, good natured and sympathetic to the poor. She was 72 when her husband died and she inherited half of everything, as was the custom of Wales at the time. Part of that inheritance included the profits of the first ferry service at Abermenai Point.

And though I try not to dwell on the male line in this blog, at least at this time, she is supposedly a descendent of Joseph of Arimathea as is cited in Joseph of Arimathea: The Man Who Buried Jesus by Robert Cruikshank.



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