Marjorie Bruce



Marjorie Bruce or Marjorie de Brus was born in either 1296 or 1297, she was the only child of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots and Isabella of Mar. Isabella died shortly after giving birth to Marjorie. Legend states that her parents were truly in love with one another, which is why he did not remarry until Marjorie was 6 years old. At the time Elizabeth de Burgh became her stepmother. On March 27, 1306, Robert was crowned King making her a Princess, not too shabby for a nine year old. However, three months later dad was defeated at the Battle of Methven. To keep the women and children in his family safe he sent them to live with Isabella MacDuff, one of his northern supporters. This didn’t last long and they were captured by the Earl of Ross and given to Edward I of England. Edward wasn’t happy simply with having Robert’s women in his hands, nope, he had to split them up and send them to different locations. But wait, there’s more, “Princess Marjorie went to the convent at Watton; her aunt Christina Bruce was sent to another convent; Queen Elizabeth was placed under house arrest at a manor house in Yorkshire (because Edward I needed the support of her father, the powerful Earl of Ulster, her punishment was lighter than the others’); and Marjorie’s aunt Mary Bruce and the Countess of Buchan were imprisoned in wooden cages, exposed to public view, Mary’s cage at Roxburgh Castle and Countess Isabella’s at Berwick Castle. For the next four years, Marjorie, Elizabeth, Christina, Mary and Isabella endured solitary confinement, with daily public humiliation for the latter two. A cage was built for Marjorie at the Tower of London, but Edward I reconsidered and instead sent her to the convent. Christopher Seton, Christina’s husband, was executed.”1 Did I even mention that Edward was a dick?

Then Edward died, and Edward II comes to power, remember, he wasn’t much less of a jerk than Daddy Dearest. Edward II decides to keep her in prison for another seven years and even then probably only as a prisoner exchange so that he could get his men back after the Battle of Bannockburn. She wasn’t exactly freed though. As fairly common in the era she was given as a gift to Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland, who was a second cousin, after he distinguished himself in battle. He got a teenaged bride and Barony of Bathgate in West Lothian, which included a castle. Two years after he marriage, on March 2, 1316, while far along in her pregnancy she was thrown from a horse. Her son, Robert, was born via Caesarean section, the first verified case, on the side of the road. Marjorie, like her mother, died due to childbirth at 19 years old. Her dying words included that he would be king.

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