Erembourg de la Flèche

Ermengarde or Erembourg of Maine, also known as Erembourg de la Flèche was born about 1096 and was the daughter of Elias I, Count of Maine and Mathilda of Château-du-Loire. She married Fulk V and the couple had four children together: Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, Elias II, Count of Maine, Matilda of Anjou (who married William the heir of Henry I before he was killed on the White Ship) and Sibylla who was married first to William Clito then to Thierry, Count of Flanders.

When Ermengarde died in 1126, Faulk took off to the Holy Lands and eventually married Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem making him King.

Sorry for the short entry today but work and school got me behind but I didn’t want to miss a day either.


The History of Normandy and of England Volume IV


2 thoughts on “Erembourg de la Flèche

  1. Ermengarde of Maine is both my twice-ver 27th great-grandmother through her son Geoffrey V (via his sons Hamelin and Henry II) and my 28th great-grandmother through her daughter Sibylla.


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