Ealdgyth, also Aldgyth or Edith


Ealdgyth, also Aldgyth or Edith was born about 1057 to Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia and Ælfgifu. In 1055 dad was charged with treason and ran to Ireland. There he founded an alliance with King Gruffudd ap Llywelyn, of Gwynedd. The two returned to England and humiliated Earl Ralph who had to call for outside assistance to ward the army off. When peace was made Ealdgyth was married to Gruffudd. This may have been more than just a political alliance, because Walter Map wrote of “a beautiful lady much beloved by the king” and William of Jumièges also wrote of her as beautiful in his written eyewittness reports of the Norman Invasion. The pair had four children together. Her husband and father’s alliance limited the power of the Godwinson’s, when Earl Ralph died in 1057, Harold gained more lands and Ælfgar was exiled for a brief time again. He returned in 1062 but died the following year. When Harold invaded Wales Gruffudd was killed in the battle. Ealdgyth then married Harold sometime between 1063 and October of 1066. She died sometime in before Christmas in 1066 after Harold was killed at the Battle of Hastings.






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