Poppa of Bayeux



Poppa of Bayeux was a 9th century Christian who was married/abducted/concubine of Rollo. No Vikings on the History Channel show had it more than a bit wrong, he was not Ragnar’s brother, they didn’t even live in the same era. What do we know about her? Not much unfortunately. Her father was most likely Count Berengar II of Neustria, he died when Rollo and company beseigned Bayeux which is why her abduction is the most likely reason for their marriage. At some point she moved up from captive to wife though it may have been a more danico arrangment. For those who missed it this translate to “in the Danish way” much like we see a common law marriage today. We can assume he elevated her to wife when he realized that she was inheriting a large tract of land. Having children by him, especially male, was probably another plus.



Rapin de Thoyras (Paul, M.), The history of England: Volume 1 January 1, 1757 Printed for T. Osborne


One thought on “Poppa of Bayeux

  1. Thanks for sharing this information! Poppa of Bayeaux was my twice-over 33rd great-grandmother through her son William I and through her daughter Adele.


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