Agnes Wentworth


When you feel as that you aren’t worth anything or won’t make a difference in the world, one woman having sex changed the face of the planet for hundreds of years.

Agnes was born about 1440 in Nettlested, Suffolk, England to Sir Roger Wentworth and Margery le Despencer. She married Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough around 1458 and they supposedly had 17 children (ok so she had sex a few times). Robert was lucky enough to manage to stay alive through the War of the Roses after receiving a pardon for his actions such as the uprising by York supporters known as The Pilgrimage of Grace  though in the end Norfolk had him hung in Hull. “On Frydaye, beyng market daye at Hull, Sir Robert Constable suffred, and dothe hang above the highest gate of the towne, so trymmed in cheynes, that I thinke his bones will hang there this hundrethe yere. And on Thursdaye, which shall be market daye, God willing, I will be at the execution of Aske at York.” –Duke of Norwalk

Agnes died  April 20,  1496 in Flamborough, Yorkshire.




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