Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland and Countess of Arran

Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland and Countess of Arran was born on May 13, 1453 in Stirling Castle to James II and Mary of Guelders. By 10 she was an orphan, James II died of a cannon explosion and Mary died young as well. At 13 she was married off to her first husband Thomas Boyd and she was given the Isle of Arran as her dowry, just what everyone teen girl needs, her own island. While Thomas went off to Denmark to bring his royal brother in laws new wife to him James was turned against him. Mary met her husband as the ship docked and they ran off to Denmark together. In 1469 he was charged with treason and all his lands and titles were forfeited to the crown. Mary ran back to Scotland to plead for her husband and the father of her two children but instead her brother imprisoned her, annulled her marriage in 1473.

In 1474 she married again, this time to a man 40 years her senior, James Hamilton, 1st Lord Hamilton. In 1476 they received a Papal dispensation for the marriage which legitimized their eldest two children.

Her eldest son, Thomas, was killed by Lord Montgomerie and led to a seventy year long feud.

Mary died in May of 1488.



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