Bertrada of Prüm



Bertrada of Prüm was born about 670, her parentage is uncertain and there are three main possibilities (well 2.5, two of them can both be true). Her husband has been lost to time though his mother was most likely Irmina who was the daughter of Hugobert and Chariveus, Count of Laon. What is known is that she had three children, Hardrad, whom she outlived, Charibert of Laon and Weta who married Cario. She and Charibert founded the Benedictine Abbey at Prum in Lorraine on July 23, 720, they also made donations to the Abbey of Echternach. Through Charibert she is the great grandmother of Charlomagne and well almost everyone in my family tree.



2 thoughts on “Bertrada of Prüm

  1. Thank you for the approximate birth date for our shared ancestor. Also through Charibert, she is my many, many times great-grandmother a dozen or more times over. (Charles “le Magne” and his progeny were quite prolific, weren’t they?) 🙂


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