Adelaide of Maurienne



Adelaide of Maurienne, also known as Adelaide of Savoy was born November 18, 1092 in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France to Humbert II of Savoy and Gisela of Burgundy. On August 3 1115, she became the second wife of King Louis VI (Louis the Fat) with whom she had eight children. During her time as queen she was extremely politically active, more so than any other medieval French queen. They both signed most of the royal charters from this time. She was also known for providing for the Church and the pair founded Ste Pierre at Montmartre, which is north of Paris. When Louis died in 1137 she did not take herself to the nunnery as was common. Instead, she remarried in 1141. Her second husband was Matthew I of Montmorency who was the widower of Henry I’s daughter Alice Fitzroy. Adelaide and Matthew had one child. She retired to the abbey she and Louis had founded in 1153 and died on November 18. 1154 and is buried there as well.



4 thoughts on “Adelaide of Maurienne

  1. Thank you for another great post about a shared ancestor. Adelaide di Savoia is my 27th great-grandfather through Pierre I and my twice-over 28th great-grandfather through Louis VII and Robert I.


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