George Norton and Mary Machias

Mary Machias Norton Fowler was born between 1613 and 1615 in England. In about 1635 she married George Norton a tavern owner and carpenter with whom she had eleven children, ten of which lived past infancy. She became a member of the Salem Church on September 4, 1637. George died between June and September of 1659. She remarried, this time to Philip Fowler on February 27, 1660. She died November 4, 1694 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.
George Norton was born in 1610 in England. He immigrated to Salem arriving in April of 1629 as part of the Higginston Fleet, which was the Mayflower’s 14th trip. He became a member of Salem Church on May 14, 1634 (along with William Hathorne an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne and one of the judges at the Salem Witch Trials.) He held a number of offices such as: “Essex jury, 27 March 1638, 25 June 1639, 30 June 1641. Deputy of the Salem marshal (apparently for Gloucester), 2 November 1642. Essex grand jury (for Salem), 24 November 1657. Essex trial jury, 28 June 1659 (which helps pinpoint his death).Gloucester deputy to General Court, 8 September 1642, 10 May 1643. Gloucester member of committee on bounds between Ipswich and Gloucester, 3 May 1642. Commissioner to end small causes at Gloucester, 10 May 1643. On 29 May 1644 it was “ordered, (at the request of the town of Glocester,) that George Norton (as their eldest sergeant) shall exercise their military company”.” 1 He also left a sizeable estate that Mary was the executrix over.


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