Tree of Life Synagogue

I am not Jewish, I am not even a member of an Abrahamic faith, what I am is someone who was still rocked to the core by the cowardly attack in Pittsburgh on Saturday.  I spent a decade working with the special needs community, eight of those years with ACHIEVA (my father worked for them for 24 years and was still an employee on the day he died). In those eight years I spent time with David and Cecil Rosenthal, I spent time with them at public events including ones held at various synagogues in the city.

Cecil was murdered first. Others in the sanctuary tried to get David to safety but he turned and ran for his brother, losing his own life in the process. If only everyone could show such love and bravery, he was not leaving his brother behind.

I will never understand the hate that led this monster to enter a house of worship and murder the elderly, medical personnel and disabled men.  May their memory be a blessing. May they be at peace with their ancestors. May their names never be forgotten.